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Lucee RC / Beta

The latest RC / Beta is version released at Jun 8, 2018. Beta and Release Candidates are a preview for upcoming versions and not ready for production environments.

Express Build (*.zip)

The Express version is an easy to setup version which does not need to be installed. Just extract the zip file onto your computer and without further installation you can start by executing the corresponding start file. This is especially useful if you would like to get to know Lucee or want to test your applications under Lucee. It is also useful for use as a development environment.


Jar file (*.jar)

The Lucee Jar file, you can simply copy to your existing installation to update to Lucee 5. This file comes with all necessary dependencies Lucee needs build in, so no addional jars necessary. You can have this Jar in 2 flavors, a version containing all Core Extension (like Hibernate, Lucene or Axis) and a version with no Extension bundled.

Download with Extensions
Download without Extensions

WAR file (*.war)

Java Servlet engine Web ARchive


Core file (*.lco)

The Lucee Core file, you can simply copy this to the "patches" folder of your existing Lucee installation.


RC / Beta History ( -

Older Versions:

Version Date Express Jar Core WAR Jun 8, 2018 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR May 7, 2018 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1877 FILE CLOSE STATUS STILL BE IN OPEN Jun 8, 2018 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1876 Server.Coldfusion.SupportedLocales not supporting Welsh locale
LDEV-1854 javascript error in admin with heap/non heap graphs
LDEV-1838 cannot serialise CGI Scope
LDEV-1837 cannot serialze server.os.macAddress
LDEV-1830 cannot ObjectLoad a closure
LDEV-1810 ListFirst count invalid
LDEV-1803 toBase64 behaves differently with strings and numbers
LDEV-1797 Cannot run thread tags in member functions
LDEV-1787 trim long string in argument validation errors
LDEV-1715 abstract functions missing from component meta data
LDEV-1592 Possible DeserializeJSON problem
LDEV-1578 NPE at lucee.runtime.spooler.SpoolerEngineImpl.getFile()
LDEV-1497 Session variable not set after sessionrotate() within same request
LDEV-1494 cfajaxproxy throw error while try to access the component
LDEV-1467 Regression? REMatch() bug LDEV-90 fixed in 4.5, still present in
LDEV-1293 mishandles the "template" query
LDEV-1281 cfinput validate="email" client-side JS should be case insensitive
LDEV-1207 this.sessioncluster=true breaks sessions
LDEV-1143 Confusing Error Message with Partial Null Support and Debug Enabled
LDEV-1119 GetHttpRequestData().content sometimes empty when body content posted
LDEV-1092 STARTTLS command not executed for SMTP mail.
LDEV-1021 cfmail subject doesn't sanitise new lines
LDEV-630 CF setting, this.smtpServerSettings, is missing from Lucee
LDEV-398 SerializeJSON difference between ACF and Lucee
LDEV-98 Saving an edit to a mapping does not return the user to the mappings list page
LDEV-95 CFHTTP doesn't send username and password attributes as Basic Authentication header over SSL Apr 6, 2018 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1778 Dynamic Proxies through no class defined exceptions
LDEV-1773 cfapplication action=update doesn't change application name
LDEV-1760 MySQL ORM Dialect in Application.cfc no longer auto-detects
LDEV-1757 Slow Felix startup performance re-creating cache folder
LDEV-1755 Performance of loading hundreds of timezones on startup
LDEV-1751 for loops should auto cast numbers to strings (i.e. treat them as a single member list)
LDEV-1749 when an extension holds a non OSGi Bundle jar it fails
LDEV-1744 "/" application mapping overrules config mappings
LDEV-1743 LSNumber doen't work above
LDEV-1742 Broken URLs for background images in WAR deployment
LDEV-1739 allow to set tag and function directory via or env variable
LDEV-1738 downgrade from 5.3 to 5.2 lead to reports of unsupported extensions.
LDEV-1736 server scope can no longer be serialized
LDEV-1733 change on default bufferoutput behaviour causes problems
LDEV-1731 application.mappings.allowRelPath
LDEV-1729 NPE calling expandPath() from JSR-223
LDEV-1719 bad performance cachedwithin-function
LDEV-1718 Creating a / mapping causes incorrect path expansions
LDEV-1713 improve logging for missing extensions in deploy.log
LDEV-1700 Context Time Zone Affects Server-Wide Time Zone
LDEV-1689 show blocking info in request timeout log
LDEV-1688 add datasource appender for log4j
LDEV-1686 server update doesn't handle http errors
LDEV-1683 passing component on missing constructor invokes implicit setters
LDEV-1681 JDBC Extension identifier
LDEV-1679 invoke() called with arguments, wipes out the arguments
LDEV-1674 Extension with classis jars create nullpointer exception on deployment
LDEV-1667 numberFormat does not work properly anymore with Lucee 5.2.6.x
LDEV-1665 email addresses with german umlauts are not validated correctly
LDEV-1662 cflocation output html with plain text url (XSS possibility)
LDEV-1654 hidden CFX C++ admin page still references bitbucket instead of jira
LDEV-1640 Java heap memory exhaustion, pegged CPU, and unresponsive server
LDEV-1630 Felix cache locking is a blocker for CommandBox 4
LDEV-1553 TimeSpan cannot be casted implicitly as Boolean
LDEV-1549 cffile - mimetype of MS Office files incorrect in
LDEV-1547 argument validation error exposes template path
LDEV-1544 Server is returning exception-message header
LDEV-1496 Updating MySQL driver to 6.0.2 breaks existing datasource connections
LDEV-1480 cachedwithin with a timespan of 0 creates cache keys in redis
LDEV-1389 Threading issue: the thread scope cannot be modified from outside the owner thread
LDEV-1349 Strange "String index out of range: -7" in Mura CMS/plugins
LDEV-1267 With complete null support, nulls in an array cannot be referenced by index
LDEV-1217 exception-message HTTP header presents security risk of information disclosure
LDEV-1147 cfstoredproc fails with parameters when called by synonym which contains #
LDEV-1064 alias ignored with attributecollection
LDEV-1023 Lucene CFINDEX ClassNotFoundException
LDEV-1003 Attribute 'key' is not allowed for tag cfftp
LDEV-574 DollarFormat does not round up
LDEV-555 BinaryDecode fails when decoding strings with = at end
LDEV-546 dateDiff() option for milliseconds Feb 5, 2018 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1659 ORM Error Cache is not alive (STATUS_SHUTDOWN)
LDEV-1658 arraySort() member function doesn't validate required params correctly
LDEV-1651 directoryExists("")
LDEV-1641 Internal ORM exceptions are not thrown (when they should be!)
LDEV-1634 InputBaseN casting to int unnecessarily
LDEV-1633 Missing Else Segment of Ternary IF threw unrelated error location
LDEV-1623 Intermediate values used in function not released until function is finished
LDEV-1607 webservice with complex referenced types fails
LDEV-1606 Cfzipparam issue
LDEV-1603 stray 'cflock' variable created when <cflock> or script equivalent is used
LDEV-1600 Search menu item is visible, but no search extension is installed
LDEV-1587 Lucee server crashes when 1 db connection hangs/fails for a clustered session/client scope
LDEV-1579 EHCache java.lang.NullPointerException
LDEV-1576 Saving of cfimage to Database stopped working in
LDEV-1570 DateTimeFormat does not support 'X' in the mask
LDEV-1563 Lucee Admin logging nonsense error
LDEV-1561 invalid values in iterations argument of hash function
LDEV-1560 Implicit Accessors Do Not Respect Types
LDEV-1557 Load MacAddress only when used
LDEV-1537 mail spooler retries emails with missing from address
LDEV-1533 getFileInfo reports the wrong file size
LDEV-1486 StructFilter() doesn't work on arguments scope
LDEV-1485 ArrayFilter() doesn't work on arguments scope with declared parameters
LDEV-1483 Immediately Invoke lambda works with one param but not two
LDEV-1476 Image data corrupted while using data from tobase64 ()
LDEV-1378 Allow to pass an array as value to cfqueryparam
LDEV-1373 cfhttp does not work where method is "get" and httpparam has "body" type
LDEV-941 cfzip action=zip doesn't keep empty folders
LDEV-687 REST DELETE should support BODY parameter
LDEV-530 Enhance CFIMAP Tag
LDEV-422 <cfmail> does not encode attachment file names
LDEV-390 Incorrect mime type detection of ms excel Oct 10, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1533 getFileInfo reports the wrong file size
LDEV-1514 HtmlHead and HtmlBody ignore ID attribute
LDEV-1512 Can't deserialize a createTimeSpan(0,0,1,0) result
LDEV-1511 In case a datasource is not reachable, open connections increases
LDEV-1499 function isDate is very slow
LDEV-1481 GetHTTPRequestData() can take an argument in ACF; argument causes error in Lucee 5
LDEV-1416 Error Run file compile
LDEV-1411 Compiling into RAM not possible anymore
LDEV-1396 Default ACL for file operations on S3 must be "private" Sep 21, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1511 In case a datasource is not reachable, open connections increases Sep 15, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR Sep 1, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1477 query tags ignore datasources
LDEV-1473 Memory Leak in running thread pool
LDEV-1462 expandPath fails with contextpath that are start the same way as other contextpath
LDEV-1453 Memory Leak with PageContext
LDEV-1451 "Services - Update" in admin cannot connect update provider
LDEV-1409 File system operations to in memory resource fails with null pointer under load
LDEV-1394 value key of queryparam should not be required when null=true
LDEV-1393 toBinary() for Base64 encoded input streams throw error
LDEV-1386 Client SSL broken in Lucee 5
LDEV-1385 java.lang.NullPointerException error on cfpdf action="addwatermark"
LDEV-1383 mail-server konfiguration
LDEV-1381 CFregistry is not working
LDEV-1378 Allow to pass an array as value to cfqueryparam
LDEV-1370 ORM Data update not saved in the db -> Lucee Admin Issue
LDEV-1327 Mail Server Verification Fails
LDEV-1312 Unable to load class
LDEV-1273 Problems with cfdocument encoding after upgrade to Lucee 5
LDEV-1235 CFPDF merge ignores name order
LDEV-1177 ScriptProtect off + stray dot in URL parameters = NullPointerException (simple test case provided)
LDEV-1167 WDDX of empty struct having "type" deserializes to empty string
LDEV-364 queryParam null=true doesn't work for QueryExecute
LDEV-259 Undeploying webapp does not stop felix threads
LDEV-102 Server/Web admin GUI Mailing List link points to Discourse Aug 30, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR Aug 25, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR Aug 11, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1453 Memory Leak with PageContext Aug 10, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1451 "Services - Update" in admin cannot connect update provider Aug 4, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1438 when update provider is not available we an invalid information
LDEV-1437 "currentrow" not available in thread
LDEV-1435 orm session is not flush within the request
LDEV-1434 ORMFlush following an ORMFlush fails
LDEV-1433 cfcatch.caused show itself
LDEV-1430 NullPointerException parsing XML in RC
LDEV-1426 lucee does not start up within commandbox
LDEV-1425 download latest bundle
LDEV-1419 Comparison of numbers with decimal places fail when they are different underlying data types
LDEV-1415 Query CachedWithin retrieval extends Cache Lifetime
LDEV-1414 add SoftReferenceCacheHandler
LDEV-1413 Error in administrator - Mail Services
LDEV-1369 CFMLEngineImpl.createPageContext() returns the wrong Context in Multi Hosts Environment
LDEV-1362 CSS and Image Resources Do Not Show in Lucee Admin
LDEV-1354 Modern Debug Template selectNode() Stopped Working
LDEV-1350 cfchartseries throws exception on empty query cells
LDEV-1337 invalid format with lsNumberformat
LDEV-1332 The CacheManager has been shut down. It can no longer be used.
LDEV-1318 Load balanced clustered sessions not working correctly
LDEV-1286 Unexpected behavior with param's required attribute
LDEV-1229 ORM: Error when updating an entity with 1-many children and 'delete-orphan' or 'all-delete-orphan' cascade
LDEV-1173 Missing arguments and argument types in serializeJSON Jul 25, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1430 NullPointerException parsing XML in RC
LDEV-1318 Load balanced clustered sessions not working correctly Jul 8, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1413 Error in administrator - Mail Services Jul 8, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1413 Error in administrator - Mail Services Jul 6, 2017 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1443 Scope.log Errors Nonstop
LDEV-1410 improve performance with updating classes
LDEV-1404 jdbc tag is not updated
LDEV-1400 CFDUMP Query listing issue
LDEV-1397 Setting client storage to database does not work and fills scope.log with errors
LDEV-1390 missing format in admin
LDEV-1387 Can't build Lucee due to typo in Administrator.cfc
LDEV-1384 CFML Expression Interpreter does not use passed PageContext
LDEV-1379 client.lastvisit and client.timecreated invalid with clientstorage
LDEV-1376 there is no cache defined with name ['+name+'] errors logged on each request
LDEV-1372 thread in thread fails when using sleep()
LDEV-1367 Tomcat 8.5 fails with Lucee 5
LDEV-1366 Query hanging when cloning
LDEV-1364 Lucee web admin resize feature returning 500 on ajax requests
LDEV-1357 Fusion Reactor fails with async request handling
LDEV-1342 Missing Huffman Code
LDEV-1341 javascript error breaks cfdump
LDEV-1340 add warning about Java 7 to admin
LDEV-1339 Empty string to XMLTransform causes Access is Denied exception
LDEV-1336 invalid scheduler.xml breaks Lucee
LDEV-1322 deserializeJSON doesn't handle e-notation numbers correctly
LDEV-1321 Lucee Admin showing the wrong location for Client Storage
LDEV-1320 Client-Storage in DB not work
LDEV-1317 Preserve case breaks cfdump in Lucee 5.2
LDEV-1307 dateTimeFormat member function missing
LDEV-1305 Unable to downgrade via admin
LDEV-1301 install attempt with every start
LDEV-1300 Lucee 5.2 breaks PDF
LDEV-1299 cfquery with cachedafter fails when given datetime
LDEV-1292 Defining a MySql datasource in Application.cfc with custom connection parameters fails
LDEV-1290 only output component dump when debug output is enabled
LDEV-1283 CFX lucee.runtime.cfx.QueryWrap.getData broken
LDEV-1280 add support for cfquery-tags
LDEV-1274 lsParseCurrency() throws NPE for negative numbers
LDEV-1270 request timeout lead to zombie threads in servlet engine
LDEV-1268 Admin errors when bad update URL saved
LDEV-1266 CreateObject( "java" ) fails when passing the path of the directory containing the jar
LDEV-1257 Startup of the server is not consistent
LDEV-1256 parseDateTime doesn't work with offsets greater than 12 hours
LDEV-1254 add function GetComponentStaticScope(compName)
LDEV-1253 Lucee start up to slow
LDEV-1249 NPE can be thrown when Debug is enabled
LDEV-1246 queryparam-bigint shrinks number
LDEV-1243 REST exceptions not logged
LDEV-1238 set URL as default value for cfhttpparam-type
LDEV-1232 Dump with classic format doesn't shows correct template
LDEV-1231 Calling static function will suppress output after called
LDEV-1227 Static methods in super components can't be called within a component
LDEV-1226 invalid action [geterrorlist] for tag admin
LDEV-1225 Removing a log entry needs lucee restart
LDEV-1219 orientation attribute using landscape not working in cfdocument pdf
LDEV-1218 request timeout lead to blocked threads
LDEV-1209 cfschedule result vs. return variable attribute problem
LDEV-1208 catch struct set by catch block, should be in nearest scope
LDEV-1205 http-cachedwithin cacheitem to percise
LDEV-1204 Error with isDate() function
LDEV-1203 http-cachedwithin not reset
LDEV-1202 getApplicationSettings().datasources is null if none are defined
LDEV-1201 Elvis not working on key returned by function call
LDEV-1195 JVM blocked by PageSourceImpl
LDEV-1193 Empty response when cfthread used in certain setups
LDEV-1192 Java exception keys missing from exception struct
LDEV-1191 add support for Application.cfc->tag[include|function].cachedWithin
LDEV-1190 Application.cfc ->cachedwithin.file not supported
LDEV-1189 Application.cfc ->cachedwithin.include not supported
LDEV-1184 Improve how Lucee sends mail when one or more addresses are invalid
LDEV-1182 DateDiff months returns one month less than it should
LDEV-1176 DirectoryExists() and FileExists() is extremely slow on buckets with a large number of containers.
LDEV-1172 SNI support
LDEV-1170 RAILO-858 Add the Coldfusion built-in function generate3DesKey
LDEV-1160 No matching Method/Function for Query.getColumnList(boolean) found.
LDEV-1158 for/in loop on java.util.LinkedHashMap empty
LDEV-1157 datasource connection limit fail
LDEV-1156 add function FileTouch
LDEV-1153 cfdocument ignores external image link.
LDEV-1146 deSerializeJSON fail to parse a negative float value
LDEV-1144 The Dump Template is using H1 which might be overwritten
LDEV-1142 Member Functions Cannot Be Applied to the ColumnList Property of a Query Object
LDEV-1141 always set timeout with query
LDEV-1129 cffile throws java.lang.ClassCastException when accessing s3 file
LDEV-1127 StoreSetMetadata() does not actually change file permissions in S3
LDEV-1126 Lucee evaluates arithmatic CFML Expressions in JSON
LDEV-1124 datasource timezone ignored for reading incoming date
LDEV-1122 Class files no longer have full path for sourceFile
LDEV-1121 Object created by createDynamicProxy() not instanceOf specified interface
LDEV-1116 Oracle query with systimestamp returns object instead of string
LDEV-1113 cfdocument broken after upgrade 4.5 to 5
LDEV-1112 ImageWrite Issue
LDEV-1110 Script syntax for cfinvoke throws exception
LDEV-1099 ClassNotFound with FLD
LDEV-1098 Lucee fails to cast the value returned from String.charAt(index) as integer
LDEV-1097 remove deprecated member functions reduce and filter
LDEV-1096 CLONE - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException thrown randomly during deploy under load
LDEV-1094 admin extension overview throws a NPE when full null support is enabled
LDEV-1093 Implement fix for LDEV-467 on Lucee 5
LDEV-1091 literal ansi timestamp parser not support timezone offset
LDEV-1090 query returntype struct returns only regular struct
LDEV-1086 Update Lucee 5.1 admin to show Adobe CF 2016 as the compatibility version
LDEV-1085 Mail attachment file not unique using content attribute
LDEV-1083 xmlParse with big invalid input can produce an out of memor error
LDEV-1077 this.mails should be aliased as this.mailServers
LDEV-1074 add key "cause" to catch block
LDEV-1069 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException on structKeyTranslate(FORM)
LDEV-1068 For Query Object, SerializeJSON function is not returning uppercase column names inside DATA struct.
LDEV-1061 loop struct should accept key and value attributes as aliases for index and item
LDEV-1058 Lucee without java agent: get missing include errors for tmp files used in AOP
LDEV-1057 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException on ArrayList iterator
LDEV-1056 DSN settings in Admin can be lost on error
LDEV-1055 Caches don't show in Application.cfc export in admin
LDEV-1054 Improve formatting for cache custom properties in hint
LDEV-1053 Add logging when extension provider can't connect
LDEV-1052 Upgrading or Downgrading Lucee 5 resets JDBC driver version
LDEV-1047 Application.cfc cache without Custom struct isn't created and no error thrown
LDEV-1046 Caches from Application.cfc don't show in getApplicationSettings() or getAppicationMetaData()
LDEV-1043 add possibility to install a specific Lucee version
LDEV-1042 Can't get metadata on abstract CFC
LDEV-1041 Global undocumented function setYear appeared in 5.1.
LDEV-1040 Sort methods of a CFC when dumping
LDEV-1038 <cfpdf> tag throwing an error when action is set to "protect"
LDEV-1025 Date and Time Format Functions Not Parsing "Y" Year Mask
LDEV-1014 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException thrown randomly during deploy under load
LDEV-1010 Having EHCache Defined Slows the Process of stopping the service in Windows
LDEV-1008 Implement WebSockets as an Extension
LDEV-1006 Regression: sessionInvalidate() causes java.lang.ClassCastException
LDEV-1000 Ability to keep connection state on http/s calls
LDEV-997 drop down in admin/mail to prefill a popular mail server.
LDEV-910 secure missing from cfpop
LDEV-907 cachedwithin with an timespan of zero no longer clears cache
LDEV-869 Changing code in a file that's been loaded with two different cases errors
LDEV-852 cfpdfparam source as dynamic variable fails
LDEV-811 serializeJSON() doesn't escape control characters
LDEV-802 Inconsistent Responses from CFHTTP
LDEV-779 CFMAIL intermittently fails with exception java.lang.ThreadDeath
LDEV-776 SessionRotate() 'destroys' session for j2ee based sessions
LDEV-769 sessionRotate() does not work when this.sessionCluster = true
LDEV-751 add admin frontend for "externalize-string" setting
LDEV-732 postgres extension fails to install
LDEV-715 Ability to create a Cache Connection from Application.cfc
LDEV-699 cfpdf addfooter not supported
LDEV-677 sessionrotate() kills session when using datasource storage
LDEV-600 Dump error for static members with no access modifier
LDEV-584 listRemoveDuplicates, returns adjacent empty elements (ACF incompat)
LDEV-570 cfmail / cfmailparam with attachment contains wrong mimetype
LDEV-550 Order of used mailservers is wrong (currently server first)
LDEV-549 Error if you call an EHCache "default"
LDEV-532 Client Variables - Database creation failed on MSSQL
LDEV-531 Script version of cfmail doesn't recognise attributeCollection
LDEV-528 getPageContext().getRequest().getParameter() returns null
LDEV-460 Null pointer with Array.set()
LDEV-454 Lucee strips the cause from exceptions when casting them in some instances
LDEV-433 lsNumberFormat does not work properly for Switzerland
LDEV-414 http().addParam throws a NullPointerException with type: File
LDEV-407 http timeout with throwOnError gives java.lang.NullPointerException
LDEV-399 parseNumber() argument misspell
LDEV-392 CFIMAGE results in out of bands with PNG files
LDEV-391 Default timezone for cfquery
LDEV-374 Date Diff and Compare member functions don't work with dates loaded via ORM
LDEV-359 Lucee Cannot List Certain Types of S3 Directories: "File foo exists, but isn't a directory"
LDEV-309 Language reference page empty
LDEV-298 Functions return "image" are incorrectly typed as returning numeric
LDEV-294 param doesn't work properly
LDEV-278 Extend the function JavaCast to support string to char array
LDEV-231 cfschedule attribute result alias for ACF10 compatibility
LDEV-219 IIFEs - Inline Closures do not execute but give a compiler error
LDEV-211 The sessionstorage is a free textfield
LDEV-181 Function names are converted to uppercase
LDEV-176 serializeJSON() on loaded ORM panics server
LDEV-160 The font of the title of the scheduled tasks is white
LDEV-151 Typed Functions fail to return nulls (and throw an error)
LDEV-140 not implemented
LDEV-85 sessionRotate() creates JSESSIONID
LDEV-35 Date/time formatting member functions missing
LDEV-28 String.parseDateTime() method missing
LDEV-6 imageGetExifMetadata() returns a lot less data Sep 23, 2016 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1015 add support for nested threads
LDEV-999 add function DBPoolClear
LDEV-998 add possibility to define mailserver in the application.cfc
LDEV-996 add support for env var ""
LDEV-990 TestCase LDEV0809 Fails on Windows
LDEV-940 CFFILE upload crashes Lucee 5.1.0.x
LDEV-939 cffile upload not work
LDEV-936 move form tags to an extension
LDEV-612 Enhance cfquery or anything that returns queries to return array of structs Jun 15, 2016 Express lucee.jar
lucee.jar (without Extension)
Core WAR
LDEV-1084 CLONE - Lucee 5 breaks cfmljure (part of FW/1)
LDEV-1036 callStackGet() function no longer returns full paths to template
LDEV-1031 Script-based Query broken
LDEV-1030 When using returntype='struct' in a QueryOfQuery, the result is a query
LDEV-1028 cffile can't upload more than 1 file at a time
LDEV-1020 http.setMethod('put') does not send variables set with http.addParam(type='form')
LDEV-1019 Invalid MSSQL datasource after update from to
LDEV-1018 codePrintHTML and codePrintPlain empty
LDEV-1017 Server context filer extensions throw "variable "data" does not exists
LDEV-1015 add support for nested threads
LDEV-1012 cfcatch not removed after cfcatch block
LDEV-1002 NPE cfmail with empty html body.
LDEV-999 add function DBPoolClear
LDEV-995 Performance Degradation with Unary Increment Operator
LDEV-994 Inline Images in Emails are Broken
LDEV-993 Extension: variable [BTN] doesn't exist
LDEV-992 JSON Security issue
LDEV-991 SQL Server as a DB causes Lucee to spin up many threads
LDEV-989 <cfpdfparam> errors lucee.transformer.cfml.evaluator.impl.PDFParam class not found
LDEV-988 performance degradation with unary operator in for loops
LDEV-981 performance degradation with UDF
LDEV-978 Admin: ext.applications throws "No matching function [UNWRAP] found"
LDEV-975 performance degradation with structs/scopes
LDEV-972 DirectoryList() doesn't support attribute type
LDEV-969 JSON-String inside <cfsavecontent> throws error
LDEV-966 LDEV-396 Breaks Transaction Rollback
LDEV-960 Previous Lucee engines aren't GC'd when restarting via the admin
LDEV-959 allow to install a specific version of an extension
LDEV-956 cfajaximport verifies the tags attribute by case
LDEV-955 isNumeric(<java.lang.Character>) always return false
LDEV-954 cfhttp blocks for long running calls
LDEV-949 arrayToList fails on arrays passed as part of query object
LDEV-947 cfsavecontent & cfinclude - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
LDEV-939 cffile upload not work
LDEV-934 function AjaxLink is not supported
LDEV-931 Elasticsearch request - JsonParseException[Invalid UTF-8 middle byte 0xf6\n
LDEV-920 Lucee 5, if restarted from the server admin, is totally wiping out all my server-level settings.
LDEV-918 J2EE Session not maintained in cfhttp requests
LDEV-916 Included cacerts trust store is out of date
LDEV-914 sessionInvalidate() causes java.lang.ClassCastException
LDEV-905 cfhttp cachedWithin stores in file cache
LDEV-903 Compound primary key int being typed as float - 'identifier of an instance was altered'
LDEV-902 Oracle - Select query with nclob field, returns java object instead of string
LDEV-901 clustered session/client scope does not merge data
LDEV-899 felix.log
LDEV-898 ImageWrite does not overwrite imageobject unless filepath specified
LDEV-896 Update Apache Commons FileUpload
LDEV-893 Thread.stop semantics hide errors and throw messages on console
LDEV-888 Enable Full Null support with a command line argument
LDEV-885 add support for attribute filename to cfmailparam
LDEV-883 Non-empty onSessionStart gives javax.servlet.http.HttpUpgradeHandler not found by lucee.core
LDEV-882 add argument resultQuery to function QueryMap
LDEV-880 Error on Update
LDEV-879 support for callback function with QuerySort
LDEV-878 make Arrays synchronized and add argument to ArrayNew
LDEV-876 Cfmailparam with disposition="inline" sends images as attachments
LDEV-875 cacheput() does not accept numeric value for timespan
LDEV-873 Correct internal documentation for CreateObject
LDEV-872 Casting problem when saving entities in Lucee 5: lucee.runtime.orm.ORMDatasourceConnection cannot be cast to lucee.runtime.db.DatasourceConnectionImpl
LDEV-871 form fields order are not preserved after post
LDEV-867 tag htmlhead appends body twice
LDEV-866 entrySet from a linked struct is loosing the order
LDEV-864 double check for "inspect template"
LDEV-862 DateTimeFormat returns wrong value for ISO8601
LDEV-859 Uninstall extension does not remove bundles
LDEV-858 register addional member functions
LDEV-857 make arguments of function valueArray more flexible
LDEV-854 add arg "encodeFor" to "writeOutput"
LDEV-842 dateFormat() does not work as a member function in Lucee 5
LDEV-841 Breaks Lucee Upon Trying to Update
LDEV-840 webservice complex object invalid case
LDEV-835 Static scope corruption caused by inheritance
LDEV-834 CollectionMap Causes a Threadleak when parallel=true
LDEV-828 WAR file is missing DTD files from Source
LDEV-827 cfdocument throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodException when used
LDEV-826 createDynamicProxy() won't find interfaces from jars in the lib folder
LDEV-823 Adding datasource with class "" results in lucee.commons.lang.ClassException error
LDEV-821 add support for sftp to tag cfftp
LDEV-820 Locale toString() Compatibility
LDEV-818 queryAddColumn does not accept a type argument
LDEV-817 Add encodeFor attribute to CFOUTPUT
LDEV-814 cfadmin action="stopThread" does not work
LDEV-812 Writelog/cflog's file is not unique per web context
LDEV-809 Add missing sessioncookie & authcookie attributes to cfapplication
LDEV-775 Bug with fileExists() with an Application mapping of /
LDEV-748 Session fixation with CFML sessions
LDEV-716 Identical function returns different result when called as BIF vs. UDF
LDEV-715 Ability to create a Cache Connection from Application.cfc
LDEV-638 Massive slow downs when java agent enabled when re-compiling classes
LDEV-577 Unable to upload extension from web admin
LDEV-545 CFMAIL adds unwanted line breaks in mail body
LDEV-441 UDF's mixed into CFC via temp file error when trying to recompile and file is deleted
LDEV-426 Datasource editing of non-existent databases has long wait time
LDEV-396 BLOCKED on lucee.runtime.db.DCStack@1c1dfcc1
LDEV-246 S3 needs signature v4
LDEV-173 Query.cfc Query of Queries fails when "Q" is used as the name of the query attribute
LDEV-153 replaceNoCase() fails with certain Unicode text
LDEV-113 allow construct for ordered structs
LDEV-104 URLEncode() incorrectly encodes hyphen dot and underscore
LDEV-72 ?. safe navigation operator
LDEV-59 CFINTERFACE incorrectly enforces output settings to match Apr 11, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-813 Database driver not showing in admin
LDEV-807 Change "notinstalled" to "not active" on bundles screen in admin
LDEV-806 move EHCache to an Extension
LDEV-804 Oracle option not available when creating a new data source, can't create JDBC connection either
LDEV-798 In Lucee admin, the link to a detail page for an OSGi bundle does not work when multiple versions are installed
LDEV-793 Fix compatibility - HTML 5 multiple file upload
LDEV-789 Web Service CFC soap XML
LDEV-788 Cannot access Lucee 5 admin panel
LDEV-787 Transfer ORM fails during init() of transfer.TransferFactory
LDEV-785 Infinite loop on insert queries if Statement always returns a positive update count
LDEV-780 getLocale() returns incorrect string when used as a string
LDEV-758 Loading persistent CFC within transaction throws error
LDEV-637 cfstoredproc fails when calling a procedure with parameters on Oracle with a specified schema
LDEV-604 createObject java types - 'cannot load class through its string name'
LDEV-413 Oracle JDBC Not working properly with cfstoredproc and cfprocresult Mar 16, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-778 CSV parser used with cfhttp fails with NL at the end
LDEV-688 LDEV-488 Fix Re-Introduces LDEV-78 Bug
LDEV-490 Regression - "ORM not enabled" error when ORM attributes are used Mar 4, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-774 JEE session looses data on onsessionEnd call
LDEV-768 make sure extension install is failsafe
LDEV-767 admin context update info not working
LDEV-765 default value can break compiler
LDEV-762 Lucene 5.2.1 initialization failed
LDEV-761 CR line breaks when using <cfhttp> on csv files
LDEV-759 cfdocument format="pdf" not working at all
LDEV-757 Returning * invalid syntax on SELECT statements with Postgres
LDEV-749 support for versioning with "required-extension"
LDEV-747 UTF-8 is not UTF-8
LDEV-746 datasource clear method has invalid validation
LDEV-342 cfmail errors when you add a charset. Feb 9, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-723 ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.hql.ast.HqlToken When performing HQL query
LDEV-722 ORM Module - dbcreate update and dropcreate do not create entity tables
LDEV-719 missing name declaration for property
LDEV-613 ORM NullPointerException caused by <cfquery dbtype="hql"> in latest stable release Jan 29, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-718 XMLParse fails when xerces is in system classLoader
LDEV-714 onSessionEnd creates WEB-INF/lucee/output/onSessionEnd.out Jan 29, 2016 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-707 cfloop condition - lucee.transformer.cfml.evaluator.EvaluatorException
LDEV-706 add support for "release-type"
LDEV-705 web admin should show server admin extensions
LDEV-702 PostgreSQL Driver Queries Fail in : createclob() not yet implemented
LDEV-700 NOT YET FIXED! ServletException occurs when mapping is defined with custom CFML resource provider
LDEV-696 cfdump eval throws wrong error when evaluation failed
LDEV-692 getApplicationSettings() does not return expected results
LDEV-684 CFARGUMENT Can't cast String [] to a boolean
LDEV-683 reorganize xml handling
LDEV-676 DirectoryExists() fails on S3 resource
LDEV-675 cfmailpart charset error
LDEV-671 QueryExecute right context
LDEV-668 Move cfchart to an extension
LDEV-664 CFC singleton thread error
LDEV-658 Adapt LDEV-224 for Lucee 5
LDEV-657 Adapt LDEV-458 for Lucee 5
LDEV-655 including a non standard cfm file (eg. .txt) throws an error
LDEV-654 fileExists() fails on paths starting with s3://
LDEV-650 share application context with modern and classic listener fails
LDEV-634 <cfmailpart type="html"> causes mail to not be sent
LDEV-631 YesNoFormat() empty string response
LDEV-625 JAR files class not found exception for custom functions
LDEV-622 Cannot use a Map as a struct with null value
LDEV-609 Could not initialize class
LDEV-607 Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart
LDEV-575 Create a new function: isInThread() to allow for checking if you are in a thread or not
LDEV-249 change lambda syntax from -> to => Nov 25, 2015 Express lucee.jar Core WAR
LDEV-647 update an extension does not uninstall previous version
LDEV-645 extension update need restart to reconize function lib change
LDEV-635 allow to update lucee by copy a .lco file to the deploy folder
LDEV-627 Sending an email fails silently with
LDEV-624 move deploy directory upwards
LDEV-620 enlargeCapacity blocks the system
LDEV-619 remove S3 from the core
LDEV-617 merge lucee.jar and felix.jar
LDEV-610 remove pdf functionality
LDEV-608 server.lucee.state missing in Velvet
LDEV-602 BodyTag loaded by bundle fail
LDEV-593 add extension Admin/Doc to loader
LDEV-592 add support for "required-extensions"
LDEV-589 add possibility to bundle dependencies with the lucee.jar
LDEV-587 remove flex from the core
LDEV-581 add function InternalRequest (hidden)
LDEV-255 Inability to refer to static members dynamically Oct 20, 2015 Express - Core WAR
LDEV-569 SSLCertificateInstall fails with some hosts
LDEV-567 add canonicalize to encodeFor... functions
LDEV-565 improve MissingIncludeException
LDEV-564 Support "grey" as color name
LDEV-561 allow to use bundles with createObject
LDEV-559 disable Lucee dialect
LDEV-558 extension takes a minute to install after startup
LDEV-557 life and idle timeout for mail server
LDEV-554 Stack overflow creating object instance while in the static constructor
LDEV-541 maven state is not handled the right way
LDEV-540 fix "FUTURE" marks in loader
LDEV-539 cfhttp fails when passing a ram resource
LDEV-537 change the update provider types
LDEV-533 silent tag does not work in script
LDEV-529 LinkageError in Axis Server
LDEV-527 Add download path to Lucee 5 jar loading message
LDEV-525 Session type alway in "Application" option even after change
LDEV-523 cfhttp fails
LDEV-519 Locale differences between Lucee 4.5 and 5
LDEV-515 getComponentMetaData throws lucee.runtime.CIPage.getComponentName()Ljava/lang/String;
LDEV-469 Implement CFHTTP clientCert/ClientCertPassword compatible with ACF
LDEV-415 The key [WHEELS] does not exist, only the following keys are available: [applicationname].
LDEV-411 Debugging displays wrong execution times in specific cases
LDEV-367 Compilation glitch with []
LDEV-343 Sending an email fails silently
LDEV-335 Latest WAR doesn't seem to work in at least some situations
LDEV-284 Incorrect terminology in error message
LDEV-281 "you cannot instantiate the abstract component"
LDEV-273 Unexpected scope lookup with VARIABLES and ARGUMENTS name conflict
LDEV-270 Static constructor inappropriately suppresses output
LDEV-267 writeLog() broken in Lucee 5
LDEV-262 cannot restart Lucee
LDEV-256 Implement GeneratePBKDFKey
LDEV-244 Comments at end of component error Aug 31, 2015 Express - Core WAR Aug 27, 2015 Express - Core WAR
LDEV-511 coldbox fails with Lucee 5
LDEV-509 datasource storage clean open new connection
LDEV-504 controller thread can get blocked
LDEV-503 Lucee fails to read cookie
LDEV-502 JavaInterface.getClass() Throws Error
LDEV-501 PostgreSQL Driver Queries Fail in
LDEV-492 XML objects don't cast to string properly
LDEV-432 Better ORM Errors, Include SQL statement
LDEV-370 cfscript Query doesn't play well with oracle parameters
LDEV-340 SpoolerEngineImpl$SimpleThread can get in an endless loop Aug 19, 2015 Express - Core WAR
LDEV-485 cfhttp (with updated library) timeout issue
LDEV-480 validate connections in the datasource connection pool
LDEV-479 improve default query timeout
LDEV-476 built in function names reserved in cfinterface
LDEV-475 fileSetLastModified() Fails Silently on Non-Existent File
LDEV-472 Queries called from event gateways break due to invalid request timeout
LDEV-470 Graylog does not work with Lucee
LDEV-463 reduce size of of udf properties (getter/setter/ ...)
LDEV-457 HTMLEditFormat handling of carriage returns
LDEV-436 openJDK 8 no longer supports Thread.stop(Throwable)
LDEV-435 timeout attribute does not support Timespan
LDEV-431 3th party log4j appender are failing
LDEV-430 logging for datasources
LDEV-429 Unable to access Youtube API using SSL
LDEV-364 queryParam null=true doesn't work for QueryExecute
LDEV-24 queryExecute does not support passing arguments scope as param structure